Vintage Disney – Aladdin Parade 1993

I wanted to share with you the first in our series of vintage Disney footage. Disney brings about so many magical memories for so many people. The feeling of nostalgia can put a smile on so many peoples faces. The below footage was filmed at Disney MGM Studios in Walt Disney World back in 1993 – I was 8 at the time. MGM Studios which is now called Disney’s Hollywood Studios has changed quite a lot over the years, with many classic attractions being replaced with new. Although Toy Story Land is amazing and the upcoming Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is really exciting, I can’t help but miss the classic greats like The Great Movie Ride. Thankfully, because of footage like this, vintage attractions can still be remembered and enjoyed……

I loved the original Aladdin animation. My sister and I watched it over and over. Although the original film is sentimental to me, I am also looking forward to seeing the new live action Disney Aladdin film.

Leave comments below if you remember this parade? What evokes feelings of nostalgia for you?

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