Fearless until I had my child – Star Flyer Orlando

Before having my child, wherever me and my partner travelled, if there was a thrill to be had, we would seek it out – rollercoaster off the side of the Stratosphere in Vegas, parasailing and paragliding in Turkey – we did it! However, when it came to facing the Star Flyer in Orlando, the highest swing ride in the world standing at 450 feet high, I couldn’t do it……

Unsure whether to brave the Star Flyer?

I soon learnt though that this reason was because of my son. He got really upset seeing me on a past thrill ride, worried that something would happen to me and what if something did? He would be traumatised! This anxiety is what stopped me. However, watching my husband do it did relieve some of these anxieties and hopefully on our return when my son is older, we can share this experience together and tick it off the bucket list!

By the way, it only cost $12.50 to ride! I’m loving the Orlando Icon Park. So much to see and do. Please subscribe to our You Tube channel for more footage on Orlando Theme Parks and Attractions:


Have you braved the Star Flyer or did you chicken out like me? Was you more fearless before having a child? Please leave your comments below 🙂

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