‘Little boys are designed to move,’ -Dumbo Play Area Storybook Circus

I must say how impressed I was with the innovative idea of using a play area as a queuing area to wait for your reservation time to ride Dumbo at the Magic Kingdom. As a mother of a 4 year old little boy, queuing for rides could be quite stressful. Let’s face it, little boys are designed to move about. This is something that I recently learned on a course about the brain development of babies. A great piece of information I learned on this course was if you ever need to have a good chat with a little boy, do it whilst moving about as this is when you’ll best get their attention. This makes total sense to me. If I ask my son a question whilst he’s sitting, my goodness, getting an answer is like getting blood from a stone!

Brilliant theming

This play area is so brilliantly themed with seats for parents to sit on out of the heat. Of course, I can imagine it could cause some difficulties for some parents to get their children out of there for their ride reservation if they are having so much fun!

Great idea

Have you experienced any other clever queuing areas that occupied the children well during their wait time? Please leave your comments below.

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