Walking Water Experiment

Here is another really easy science experiment to do at home with the children or with your children at nursery or school. It is simple and cost effective. It also provides children with great problem solving skills as ingredients used may need to be swapped out for better results. For example, we used kitchen roll in our science experiment and we did have to be quite patient to see the results. However, I have since researched that other materials such as wet wipes may produce better and quicker results.

All you need for this experiment is:

  • 3 clear glasses
  • food colouring (2 different colours)
  • material such as tissue to transfer the water from the glasses

First, place the glasses side by side with a little gap. Then fill them with water. Put some food colouring into the two end glasses but leave the middle one clear. Make sure you use different colour food colouring for each of the end glasses to see that the water has transferred. Roll some tissue longways then put each end into the glasses that are next to each other. As the material absorbs the water, it should travel from one glass to the next.

Can you suggest some other experiments that use water and food colouring for us to try? Please leave your comments below.

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