Eylure Luxe Magnetic Lashes – Product Review

Being a Mam, I need a quicker, easier make up regime, as like any other mother, I don’t have the spare time to spend ages doing my make-up like I used to. I’d fancied trying magnetic eyelashes for a while but at a cost of around £16 a set, I hesitated. Also, I didn’t know anyone who had tried them to let me know if they’re worth the money. However, with a family wedding coming up, I took the risk and bought them to try.


The verdict?

I loved them!! It did take me 3 attempts to figure out how to put them on in the right place and trust me, I am no pro at applying fake lashes of any sort. They don’t cover the full lashline so it was figuring out the best place to secure them that was the most difficult. The good thing though is because there is no glue, to remove and replace was simple and didn’t mess with my make-up. I blended them in with a pre-application of mascara and eyeliner. They come in a case for storage and a tweezer for application.

All you need to do is ensure the top and lower magnets line up, then click them together. They stayed on all night and were super easy to remove at the end of the night. All you do is slip them off.

Thinking of purchasing your own? Click this link:


NB. All opinions are my own and of my own purchases and not the opinion of the affiliate organisation. This review is for information purposes.

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