Buzz Robot – Product Review

Check out my son’s review of the Buzz Robot toy from the movie Toy Story 4:

He was so excited to have this toy and couldn’t wait to do his first toy review. We paid £43.90 for it and you can purchase yours here:

It is a big toy, and as you can see, he had lots of fun playing with it. However, my husband did comment how for that price he expected it to make sounds!!

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Panning for Gold – Product Review

In our Panning for Gold product review video we take an indepth look at the product instructions and the content of the kit. We show you how to use the product and just how much ‘gold’ you can actually get from the set. This kit provided hours of fun and kept our little ones occupied for ages!

You can purchase your kit here:

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Cozmo Robot – Product Review

Check out our video reviewing the Cozmo Robot. Our video shows you how to use Cozmo with it’s mobile phone App. We show you how the App lets you set up your Cozmo. We also show you how to control your Cozmo and how to make it speak and show different emotions.

You can purchase your very own Cozmo here…….

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Marble Painting

This is another great easy science experiment that also doubles up as messy play. Messy play allows children to get creative so this activity ticks all the boxes!

All you need is:

  • shaving foam
  • food colouring
  • a spoon
  • plain white paper

We always use a tuff spot to conduct our messy play/science experiments as it contains the mess. Check them out here:

First, spray the shaving foam into the middle of the tuff spot. Then drop some different colour food colouring onto the shaving foam. With the end of a spoon, let the children swirl the food colouring into the shaving foam. Once happy with the pattern created, let the children take their piece of paper and place on top of the pattern. Tap down gently, then carefully remove the paper. The pattern on top of the shaving foam should transfer onto the paper to reveal a marble effect painting. Allow the pattern to dry.

Check out our video:

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Eylure Luxe Magnetic Lashes – Product Review

Being a Mam, I need a quicker, easier make up regime, as like any other mother, I don’t have the spare time to spend ages doing my make-up like I used to. I’d fancied trying magnetic eyelashes for a while but at a cost of around £16 a set, I hesitated. Also, I didn’t know anyone who had tried them to let me know if they’re worth the money. However, with a family wedding coming up, I took the risk and bought them to try.


The verdict?

I loved them!! It did take me 3 attempts to figure out how to put them on in the right place and trust me, I am no pro at applying fake lashes of any sort. They don’t cover the full lashline so it was figuring out the best place to secure them that was the most difficult. The good thing though is because there is no glue, to remove and replace was simple and didn’t mess with my make-up. I blended them in with a pre-application of mascara and eyeliner. They come in a case for storage and a tweezer for application.

All you need to do is ensure the top and lower magnets line up, then click them together. They stayed on all night and were super easy to remove at the end of the night. All you do is slip them off.

Thinking of purchasing your own? Click this link:

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Novotel Birmingham Airport – Review

We stayed at this hotel back in May before our flight to Orlando. There are so many positives to this airport – the staff were extremely friendly and helpful. Not only did they help me take our bags to the room whilst my husband parked the car but they also gave my little one a complimentary teddy that they tagged to his little suitcase. Sweet!


It’s also situated literally across the road from the airport which made things so much easier when travelling with a little one.

The only negative is the cost of the car park is extortionate. We wasn’t parking our car here for the duration of the holiday, but just to park to unload our luggage and check in. We were 1 minute over the free 10 minutes and that cost £10!!!! So make sure you’re organised and stay within that time frame.

Also, we didn’t eat at the hotel so I can’t comment on this. We ate at Frankie and Benny’s across the road within the airport. This was lovely. The food was served very quickly which was great with a tired little one.

The deserts were lush!

We paid around £200 for our one night stay but that included 2 weeks parking at Airparks.

We would definitely stay again. It was a great start to our holiday 😁

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Buzz Lightyear Ready Bed – Product Review

Ready Bed

Our little one had never been a fan of sleeping out which makes it hard to relax and enjoy ourselves when leaving him with family as we know he’ll end up upset when it comes to bed time and wanting to come home. Being a huge Toy Story fan we decided to buy him the Buzz Lightyear Ready Bed which is a single air bed with sleeping bag attached. It’s a cool and fun design.

He loves Buzz!

There is a foot pump included but we have an electric one also so that’s what we used to inflate it.

Chck out this Toy Story 4 Ready Bed:

We paid £24.99 for our bed which I think is very reasonable.

All ready to go

However, after the first use, the bag that it wraps into did rip at the handle which was a bit disappointing.

We didn’t return the bed though which we probably could have for ripping after the first use. My son has used it twice now and it seems to have helped a tiny bit with him wanting to sleep out. I’m also excited to use it on my next girly camping trip 😁

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