A Beetlejuice and Ghostbusters collaboration

The original Ghostbusters movies are absolute classics. I loved them as a child and now, 35 years later, our children love them too. My 5 year old son had all the Ghostbusters Playmobil toys for his birthday. They are fantastic toys based on the original 80’s classic. Check them out below:



This footage taken in Universal Studios Orlando in 1992 is something that may never be seen again. I really wish they would bring back more Ghostbuster attractions/shows to the park today.

This may never been seen again

And what an amazing Beetlejuice. He is exactly like the original in the fantastic Beetlejuice movie. I can’t wait until my son is a little bit older to share the movie with him. I think he’ll agree that this is also one of the classics.


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Toy Story 4 – Movie Review

**No Spoilers** I absolutely love how clever these films are. Working in a nursery I can totally relate to the storyline of the toys as I see first hand the different relationships between children and toys. There’s the special attached relationships, then there’s the lost toys that are misplaced and the owners don’t really care. There’s also the children who mistreat their toys and the toys that are cared for and looked after. I feel the Toy Story franchise captures all these different scenarios amazingly.

One thing I will warn you about – you will need tissues. I tried to stay strong but when I saw my 5 year sobbing his heart out, that was the end of me then. Blubbering messes we were.

Excited for the film

We went to watch the film at our local Vue cinema. I can’t really fault the place. The staff are friendly, it’s clean and the films are usually £4.99 per person which I suppose isn’t bad these days. I just wish the snack counter and ticket counter were separate as this makes getting served take a lot longer.

This was also our 5 year old’s first full film in the cinema as he’s always been really anxious so great memories were made 💕

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Kango Kids Car Seat Bag – Product Review

After checking out the prices to hire a car seat on my most recent trip to Orlando we felt it would be the cheaper option to purchase a travel car seat. However, after further discussions on holiday planning forums, I discovered that my airline will take your own car seat for free. Brilliant – more spends kept for the holiday!

However, our car seat comes as a 3 piece, what if it gets lost and damaged on the journey? That’s when I discovered the Kango Kids Car Seat Bag.

It was very lightweight and very easy to carry due to the back pack type straps it had. I was quite worried that it would open up easily as there is just a draw string and some velcro to close the bag but it didn’t, it was secure.

Thomas tag not included

TIP: We added the Thomas the Tank tag to make ours easily identifiable just incase there were other bags the same on the baggage carousel.

The bag material is very sturdy. It survived 2 long haul flights and is still in such great condition for future trips.

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